Shelley Goldbeck

Shelley Goldbeck is a Thinker, Writer, Speaker, an avid reader and a lover of language.

One of Shelley’s pivotal moments was at a Toastmasters convention where she had difficulty understanding the Distinguished Toastmasters with English as a Second Language.

She immediately recognized the need for a service to help ESL people fine tune their pronunciation skills. A pilot project with classes and one-on-one coaching proved the value of the program. Accent Reduction Company was born.

Shelley is a Toastmaster and professional speaker who derives great joy from helping others improve their speaking and presentation skills.


Al Gibson

Al Gibson is a re-purposed Professional Engineer.

He first worked in IT and Project Management, then in Sales and Business Development.

For more than 20 years Al has been speaking, as well as coaching and mentoring professionals through Toastmasters and network groups.

Accent Reduction Company is pleased to have Al on board as CFO/Sales/Trainer/Coach, far too long for his business card! Simply ask for Al.


Vera Goodman, B.Ed., M.A., Education Consultant

Vera is well known by educators and parents for the unusual insights into literacy that enable her to teach simply and clearly how to read, write and speak with understanding.

She brings a lifetime of wisdom and personal research to her work.

Vera is the author of a best-seller Simply Read! Helping Others Learn to Read, and of two other books; Simply Write! Personal and Family Writing and Simply Too Much Homework! What Can We Do?


Anthony Sanni


More about Anthony to coming soon!